As someone who has counseled, guided, and helped to shape the careers of thousands of actors, producers, directors and writers for over 32 years, Sid currently assists in the additional role of INDUSTRY CONSULTANT. His valuable insight, information and direction has helped so many become 'working' actors, producers, directors and writers  — enhancing their skills and guiding them to the success they deserve. Sid tells it like it is, cutting through the bad info and bad advice that is so prevalent in our business.

In your sessions, Sid will guide you through a detailed, informed look at the way things work, and how to be the best you can be at the moment you need to be it. His in-depth program includes overviews and workshops on:  Acting - Prep Work and imagining; what to do and when to do it; making the right first impressions; scene coaching; scene delivery; the art of auditioning; audition exercises (taped); and how to grow through self critique ... and much more.  For aspiring Producers, Directors and Writing, Sid offers insight and knowledge on what it takes to get to where you want to be, or how to move from one level to the next. Sid can shed light and guidance on any facet of the entertainment professional process and how to better yourself in your desired category / categories. 

You will benefit tremendously from this process, and from the information that he will share with you — in-the-know information obtained over the past thirty two years,  through his work with actors and all levels of industry insiders and professionals. Information that will give you a step up, and help make you the true working professional you aspire to being!

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 1 Session: (1.5 hours) $100 
 4 Sessions: (6 hours) $300 (buy 3 get one free)​

 Specialty consults available on a case-by-case basis.

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