It was a new concept, and appealed to many people — from those who had to scrape together dimes to pay for a birthday gram for their wife, to billionaires who wanted a chorus of performers to appear at their mansion in the hills. And so, Sid found himself very quickly, the leader of a hot new trend and Sid's Singing Telegrams became a huge and highly profitable business, which would thrive and entertain thousands of people over the following ten years.

During the management and execution of the quickly expanding singing telegram enterprise, Sid hired and became close to many actors that worked for him. In between bookings these actors spent a lot of time sharing stories with Sid — stories about themselves, their journey's, their experiences and often their complaints as a performer. In these discussions, many similar issues revealed themselves. One in particular was especially troubling to Sid — the fact that many of these talented performers had 'no one' that would stand by them and fight for them — they were truly the underdogs.

So, as the singing telegram business trend began to cool, and after spending so many years with these talented, determined performers who had become Sid's extended family, it quickly became clear what his next career move should would be. The natural progression of all he had experienced at such a young age, and all the information he had obtained, would lead him to become an Agent, one who's primary mission would be to represent the underdog, and help them achieve their goals.

In 1985, Sid started his own agency on Hollywood and Vine and has been a dedicated, top-tier agent since that day with a stable of successful clients and accomplishments in his resume. He has never looked back since.  Staying true to his founding mission — SID FIGHTS EVERY DAY FOR THE UNDERDOG: the person that never gets a shot because they do not fit the mold; for minorities and character actors of all ages, looks, shapes and sizes, ethnicity or other variables; for the VETERANS (active or retired) and service men and women who themselves have fought to protect us all.


Born in Lowell, MA, Sid and his family moved to Fullerton, CA when he was eleven. From the beginning, his parents could see that they had on their hands a young performer who was also quite the 'mover and shaker' - as evidenced by the fact that Sid was always entertaining, and promoting — from the moment he could speak.

At the age of seventeen, fresh out of high school, Sid embarked on an adventure and began his journey in entertainment. Showcasing his natural talents as a 'personality and performer,' he toured as a standup comic and singer, opening and headlining with a variety of groups throughout southern California.

Towards the end of his seventeenth year, as he was creating a reputation for himself while gaining more and more excitement for the industry, Sid heard someone talking about a new concept — a 'singing telegram'. The light bulb went off, and a new, young entrepreneur was born. In 1975, Sid launched the original singing telegram business in California. 

The Levin Agency
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SAG Honors Levin Agency 25th Anniversary
The Levin Agency is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary as a SAG Franchised Agency. "After a quarter of a century, I still remain that rare talent agency that has a big heart  and cares about the underdog in a very competitive business. I will continue to work each day with the same passion and integrity that I have had from the very beginning,"  said agency owner Sid Levin. It is a rewarding experience reaching this milestone, and Levin credits his wife, Patricia, who has been his rock solid foundation through it all.   Screen Actors Guild congratulates The Levin Agency for its long-lasting dedication and service to SAG members since 1985.